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Dear NYaqutic Customers,

With  thousands of shipments to date, we appreciate all the wonderful emails and posts giving NYAquatics such great reviews.   If you have a comment and would like to share your  own NYAquatic Review, please use this blog to share your experiences. This NYAquatic review blog is your chance to let us know how we are doing.



  1. I have been purchasing fish from NYaquatic for the last 3 years and must have had at least 6 delivers. Fish were delivered healthy and at a great price. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give NYaquatic a review of 11!

  2. Thanks Michael, Great Fish and Great Prices, If I had to give a NYAquatic Review, I would say its a 9 out of 10. You a review of 10 out of 10 if you offered me free shipping.

  3. I have had fish sent 3 times from NyAquatic and was very pleased. I would give the an A+ in quality and delivery. So consider this a very positive NYaquatic review !!!!

  4. I have bought from Mike at least 6 times. I had only one die, that was becuase of delivery. WQhen I lived in the Nortgh, I got fish for a great price and shipping was cheap. Now, I live in the south and shipping is way to much. But, he has great prices!

    • Thanks for the great review.
      Sorry I can’t do more about the shipping cost.
      But Fedex doesn’t listen to me when I tell them shipping is too much.
      HOpefully, you can continue to buy.
      You’ll still find in almost all cases, my delivered price beats anyones.

  5. I have been a NY Aquatic customer for almost 3 years. I’m very pleased with the quality and prices of all my purchases. Great customer service and technical support. His assistant Tobin, very knowledgeable and understanding as well. I wish you good luck in the years to come…

    • Thank you for the kind words and nice review of NYAquatic.com.
      I always appreciate the business.

  6. I have bought from Michael many times. When I am looking for a fish I start by looking at NY Aquatic! Keep up the good work!

  7. NyAquatics is the best all the livestock that I got from them have been excellent. Mike is a great guy and easy to deal with I recommend his business to everyone. Thanks again Mike you know i will always comeback for more. Keep doing what you do bro thanks.


    • Mark

      Always glad to be of service.
      Keep the NYAquatics reviews coming!

  8. i have ordered multiple fish from nyaquatic and though some came with a hiccup Mike fixed that right away and was very friendly through all of it

  9. I have made several orders with NY Aquatic. Mike has always been very helpful, and the fish always arrived quickly and healthy! Keep up the good work!

  10. Ny Aquatics is the best salt water fish place I have been live in ct and been to every fish store here and to most in ny and nj and there is no one who bests ny aquatics PRICES! Better yet if any one knows salt water fish some fish are tough to feed what they eat Ny aquatics fish will eat pellets every time Micheal 5 Stars!!! And thanks for being there ! Ps you can’t Jew him down on the prices becouse there already down thanks again Micheal

  11. I am an old customer from years ago. Setting up a tank again and happy to see NYAquatic is not only in still in business but expanding.

    • Hope to see you soon.

  12. I placed an order with Michael for a Choati wrasse. He had received 2 of them in stock and sent me photos to choose which one I wanted. I received the wrasse in perfect condition (they are bad shippers) and he eats like a pig! Michael was always available via email to answer questions and is highly recommended.

    • Thank you for the great review.
      I’m glad it’s doing well.
      But without pictures, it didn’t happen!

      • Ok, fine then… Picture! 🙂

      • fair enough

  13. I received the shipment in a timely manner – the feather dusters are doing great, the mult colored damsel did not last long because of its size compared to the other fishi in the tank. Very satisfied with the quality and overall experience with NY Aquatic

    • Thank you for the nice review of NYAquatic.com

  14. Michaelmis a great guy super knowledgeable and very helpful obviously the best prices and healthy fish and inverts and very honest look forward to seeing you agin mike all the best.

  15. Nyaquatic is now my place to go for reef inhabitants. I ordered two maxima clam and they arrived fast and nicely packaged. My clams are beautiful and I love them. You can not beat their prices! I called and mike answered all of my questions. Will order from you guys in the future.

  16. NYAquatics & Michael are excellent! Michael answered all my questions before I placed my order and the large pink tail trigger looked even better when she arrived than the pictures posted on the site! I chose NYAquatics because of their customer service and their alive arrival/14 day guarantee! I am very happy with my experience with NYAquatics and I look forward to future orders.

  17. I have done multiple live orders through NYAquatic and thought it was time to give my feedback. Historically I have learned the hard way about purchasing live fish online; there were more than enough instances where I made purchases though less than reputable online stores and suffered the consequences. From then on I vowed to only order online through the top 2 suppliers; I won’t mention the names of those stores but if you are experienced in placing live orders online then you know what stores I am talking about and how ridiculously outrageous that their prices are, how limited the availabilities are and the small size of fish that you actually receive.

    Enough time went by that I began to forget my previous online livestock ordering misfortunes and I decided to try a new suppler. I came across NYAquatic.com and was immediately intrigued for two reasons, 1. they had the lowest prices and 2. instead of stock photos of livestock they had photos of the actual livestock that was for sale. Because of these reasons I decided to give them a shot. The first order that I received was a rose bubble tip anemone. Upon delivery I was stunned at the size, color and health of the anemone; especially for the price I got it for.

    Since then I have done other orders through NYAquatic each time with the same result, the livestock that I received was healthier and more colorful than expected along with being on the larger side of the size estimate which is usually the opposite from other retailers. Another positive of buying from these guys is the ease of getting in contact. Emails are responded to the same day, often in less than an hour; this is almost unheard of in the business. I now do my livestock ordering exclusively through NYAquatic; even if they do not have what I am looking for in-stock I would rather wait while they find it for me than buy from somewhere else.

  18. what are the shipping rates

    • Shipping is based on your zip code and the weight of your shipment.
      If you put an order into a shopping cart and go to checkout, there’s a
      shipping calculator where you put your zip code and it tells you your exact
      shipping cost.
      You can then add or subtract items from the order to see different shipping

      Hope that helps, and happy holidays

  19. This was my first purchase with NY Aquatic and Michael made it a very pleasant one.. Michael is always available to answer any questions or concerns either by phone or by email. My Butterfly is healthy and acclimated very well in my 125. I intend to purchase more fish in the future and highly recommend Michael and NY Aquatic for competitive prices, healthy livestock and excellent customer service.
    Thank you Michael,
    David Ellenberg

  20. Mike always has nice good lookin fish and good to buy from always

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