Posted by: nyaquatic | November 17, 2010

NYAquatic is proud to announce our new location!

We’re finally up and running in the new facility.

Boy, is it nice to have some elbow room.

It’s hard to capture in pictures, but here goes.

And if you’re in the area, be sure to stop by.

Email us first since we’re still “by appointment only.”

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  1. Very impressive setup. Best of luck with the new expanded location. I guess that means a bigger inventory and selction!

    • Onward and upward.

      We’ve more than doubled our capacity, so more and more variety will be coming.
      And we’re shooting for an early 2011 launch into the world of corals….in a BIG way!

  2. the setup in this location is very professional. i went there couple of week ago n purchase 2 raccoon and 2 yellow tang fish. fish are eating and are perfect condition. guy name toben work there very professional guy gave me couple advice for my fish tank. prices are awesome!!! and allot of variety of fishes

  3. Mike,
    What is your new address? Are there set hours?
    P.S. I would like to come by Wednesday Or thursday afternoon.

    • Michael

      145 Saw Mill River Road, Yonkers, NY 10701

      It’s still by appointment. I’m not there all the time.
      I’m usually around 12-3 Monday-Thursday, but it’s always best to all ahead.

      New shipments coming tomorrow (Hawaii) and Wednesday (Bali)

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