Posted by: nyaquatic | June 28, 2010

Post your NYAquatic fish pix here!


Post pictures of your favorite fish obtained from NYAquatic.

Every month, we’ll pick a favorite to receive a $25 gift certificate. 

Give it a shot.  You never know!

I’ll get us started with a couple of shots of my sons zebra octopus (don’t worry, I won’t win)

Such a cool animal!



  1. [IMG][/IMG]

  2. He is impossible to photograph but that is what makes him awesome!

  3. Beautiful majestic
    Thanks for sharing

  4. My queen triggerfish.

    • Very pretty (in a bite-your finger off sort of way).
      Enjoy and thanks for the picture.

  5. my hawaiian spotted puffer

    • that’s a cutie

  6. My Yellowmouth Moray. About 2 feet long.

  7. I love my Red Tailed Tamarin Wrasse!

  8. Just got a new shipment from you guys. My first time dealing with you guys, Love the way the fish were delivered. The Blue Tang, Dog face puffer and Clownfish were all new additions. Thanks so much Michael.

    Here is Youtube video

    • New additions look great.
      Keep the pictures coming and thank you.

  9. pic of marine betta in QT

  10. My Marine Betta chilling with Kole Tang !

  11. Perhaps this link will work…

    • Thanks for the picture

  12. Got a new Pomacanthus Crysurus from Michael today…

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