Posted by: nyaquatic | January 14, 2010

To QT or not QT, that is the question?

Should you QT new fish?

The answer is almost always yes!

New fish, whether bought online or at your LFS, have several issues that necessitate QTing.

1) New fish are, by definition, going to enter your system stressed and weakened.  This makes them prime candidates for disease and also aggression from existing tankmates.  4 weeks in an appropriate QT tank solves both of these problems.

2) While no system, regardless of how well you QT, is immune from disease, you are much more likely to introduce disease into your display tank with new,  un QT’d fish.

Additional questions to be considered (any thoughts):

1) are there any fish that should not be QT’d?  Hint, the answer is yes.

2) should you medicate your QT tank at all times?

These and other questions will need to wait for another day.

Back to work I go.



  1. IMHO 4 weeks is not enough. Several thousand dollars worth of livestock and countless hours invested in the DT warrant a 6 week QT. Even further, I require 6 continuous weeks with no issues. Since doing this, I have not had any health issues at all.

    Sure, we all all anxious to get the fish into the DT, but like everything else in this hobby, good things happen slowly. Patience, patience, patience.

    Personally, I keep a fully cycled 55g tank with some live rock for QT.

    • Keeping a QT tank running full time is great.
      A good idea is to keep a few chromis in it to keep the biological filtration active.
      Also, live rock is great, especially if you are QTing angels, but not the best if you need to medicate.
      You might want to pull the rock out in that case.

      • All my fish over the last few years have come from NYA. The formalim QT there has so far required no further medications in my QT. I keep my QT bio active with filter waste from my main tank. If I ever had to use copper, I would take the live rock out.

        I do not enjoy the QT part of the hobby, but nothing takes the fun out of this faster than a sick tank.

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